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The Bryan Furnace is an airtight wood burning furnace located inside a well insulated sheet metal shelter. Air is drawn out of the house into the shelter, warmed by the heater, and blown back into the house by a fan. The shelter and firebox are sealed from each other so that only the clean, warmed air can enter the house.

The fan turns on automatically when there is warm air in the chamber and turns off when the fire dies down to prevent recirculating cold air.

The fire is also automatically controlled by an intake damper thermostat located on the door that is adjustable to control burn rate and air temperature coming into the house.

We are a distributor for the Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace, a supplementary wood burning furnace that requires absolutely no home modification. Similar to a window air conditioner, it conditions air outside the house and then blows it into the home through a window mounted duct or into your existing duct work.

Often Imitated - Never Duplicated

Don't let recession and high fuel prices leave you out in the cold. Vision the warmth you could enjoy with The Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace, the same furnace that has lasted for 40+ years and replaced outlandish fuel bills with clean, dry, warm air at a very low cost.

Because of rising oil prices, the cost of heating the home or workshop has many home owners switching to alternative heating fuels. In areas where wood is readily available, the Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace is becoming the choice of many. 

The Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace is a self contained hot air system, that operates similarly to a window air conditioning unit. Combustion is contained in a fireproof enclosure located outside the building thus eliminating ashes, fumes, and the possibility of accidental contact with a hot surface inside the home. It removes air from the building, heats it to a predetermined temperature and returns the heated air back into the building.

The Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace is suitable for almost any type of structure including log homes, kennels, manufactured homes, calf warming stalls, green houses, hunting lodges, workshops, or any area where warm air is desired. Ashes and mess are left outside, away from the building. The only thing entering is clean, dry, warm air. We are often imitated, but never duplicated. 

 If you have considered a supplementary home heater but didn't want the mess of ashes in your home, the hazard of a red hot furnace in your living space or the cost of flues and fireproofing in your ceiling and roof, then the Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace is the answer to your problem.

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A limited one year warranty is provided on the basic furnace and electrical components. A 
five year warranty is provided on the combustion chamber.
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